ALGIERS (ARGEL, 1938, V.O., Full Movie, Cinetel)

A skilled French thief finds refuge in the Algerian district of the Casbah , after fleeing their country with an important booty . The inspector Slimane, will tirelessly continue the track. The narrow labyrinths will be your prison when he falls for a woman.
John Cromwell directs this fast-paced thriller , a classic Hollywood, whose story is based on an adaptation of the popular 1937 French novel and known “Pepe Le Moko ” by Roger D’ Ashelbe . Also noteworthy , the excellent cinematography by James Wong Howe.
Nominated for 4 Oscars : Best Actor (Charles Boyer) , Best Supporting Actor ( Gene Lockhart ), Best Art Direction (Alexander Toluboff ) and Best Cinematography ( James Wong Howe) , in 1939 .


Cine Clasico

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